FACE looks like a penis head.

Madotsuki was raped.Edit

In the game, there is much evidence that Mado was raped. In the Forest World, along a strange road, several creatures in the background with eyes watch over you. The last one's eyes follow you for a split second as you leave. Many claim these are ovaries, which adds "sexual content" to the game. Other incidents with eyes include the Eyeball World and the Barracks where entering a certain shed can lead to a tunnel where eyes follow the player. On the way to the Witch effect eyes in the trees follow the player. The theme of being watched seems prevalent.

Hands are also scattered throughout the game, what with the staircase lined with reaching hands on the way to Seccom Masada-sensei, sprouting out of the ground in the Eyeball room, and at the White Desert too. The room Uboa teleports you to, with a nightmarish landscape where a monster with multiple hands grasps hills in the background, is reminiscent of groping to some players. Unwanted touching seems to be a theme.

Some say that kyu kyu a large colorful pole creature, rubbing the banister of a stairway, is phallic imagery. The Knife and Cat effects alter the speed of which Kyu-Kyu rubs the rail of the staircase, speeding it up or down. fulllscreen events feature an event called FACE, which is achieved by going through a door right next to Kyu-Kyu. Some say it resembles a penis, fear itself, and/or static. The sequence in which the player stabs through a wall(which closely resemples a zipper), leaving a bloodied hymeneal opening, leading to a seemingly benevolent phallic-shaped Kyukyu-kyun, leading to a terrifying FACE, suggests sexual assault to some players.

A dread of pregnancy, possibly originating from being raped, can be interpreted from monsters whose shape resembles a pregnant woman who has lost her head.

Something else to consider, is that Nasu, or eggplant, is a symbol of fertility in Japanese culture.