Aztec ImageryEdit

It is seriously possible, since Aztec imagery appears in most backgrounds in Madotsuki's dreams and even her real life room (the carpet) that she may have a strong fascination towards Aztec culture. Maybe because of its fundaments or out of mere curiosity.

Perhaps it is symbolic, the Aztecs were hated by all people of all places before they settled in Tenochtitlan. Even when they reached the valley of Texcoco everybody tried their hardest to expel them from the proximities of the lake. Throughout their brief history as lords of this rich land they where known as dark, grim, suprahuman fighters with an intrinsic veneration to death, bodily sacrifices and motherhood as they had more than one deity that symbolized these elements that are so recurrent in throughout the whole game.

It may be that Madotsuki feels identified with these people, their culture, their art and what they symbolize.