Ever wondered about that Black jong hole in the middle of the map jong? Did it ever drive you to the point of insanity trying to gain access to the fabled Hidden jong Level? Well look no further jong. When starting up the game choose path one and play up to the second stage. Play through the stage untill you see spinning asteroid jong bar. Line your jong ship up with the center of the asteroid bar jong and right before you hit the jong asteroid blast the center and then fly through where you blasted it. Do this with the other 2. If you did it right a asteroid with a  jong troll face (not kidding it looks like a jong troll face. well to me it does at least....) will appear. Blast said asteroid and a jong gateway to the black hole will appear. Fly through the jong gateway and enjoy the secret jong stage. During the jong stage you might notice spinning jong rings. These are warps to exit the level. There are three in total. The first ring takes you to sector Y (Coarse 2) The Second one takes you to sector jong Z (Corse 3) The last one takes you to Venom jong (Corse 1) If you need any help click the jong video below.

Intructions on getting to black hole.

"Tom cats you cant live with them and you cant throw them down a well and drown them"