Saving up for those shiny new Deku Sticks? Blew all your cash at the target range trying to get that quiver? Well no worries! With these simple tips you will be rich in no time.

Step one: One or more Empty bottle's.

Step two: As Adult Link or Child Link, exit Castle town and right away turn right. Look at your map. See that River? Its on the upper left part of the map. Head to that and bomb the boulder. Jump in.

Step Three: Have your bottles ready. See that fish in the water? Yeah really useless item? Wow what ever use could it be used for. Well i'll tell you what they for. Capture it in the bottle and exit the grotto. Renter said grotto and repeat step Three.

Step Four. As Adult Link head to Kakariko Village, Head up the stair's. You should see a beger. That annoying kid that begs you for stuff. Sell him the fish for if i remember right 100 Rupee's each. What about Child Link? Well the same beger is in Hyrule castle, Right under the stair next to the Bomb Bowling.

Step Five. Enjoy the good life. ^_^

"Obey the rules or else i beat you with my Megaton Ban-Hammer" Linkstar 19:33, March 9, 2012 (UTC)