Ahh Ocarina of Time. One of the best games ever. Well for those who are board i got a glitch for you.

Step one: Play the game up to the point Sheiek Teaches you Nocturne of Shadow.

Step 2: Do not beat shadow temple!!! This will not work if you did!

Step 3: This is the tricky part. As you enter the village, walk under the Welcome sign. Rain should fall, music should stop. Run back into Hyrule Frield as fast as you can!! This takes some practice.

Step 4: If you did it right the field should be covered in Green Blue or Black fog!

This works on 64 Gamecube [ Aka Master Quest] and i think 3DS. Not sure about that one.

Have fun. ^_^

The Glitch in action. Sorry its not in English.

"Obey the rules or else i beat you with my Megaton Ban-Hammer" Linkstar 19:42, March 9, 2012 (UTC)