Metal Gear Solid
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alone could probably generate an entire document on Easter eggs, since the series is rife with extras. One of the most famous is its ode to perverted little boys everywhere: the chance to see the game's empowered female character, Meryl, in her underwear. Long before Hillary Clinton was vying for presidency, Meryl had no one to protect her naked legs from a vent-crawling, peeping Snake. Before freeing her (or the DARPA chief, for that matter) from prison, Snake can peer in on both of them from a ceiling vent. A few trips in and out of the vent and you get the opportunity to witness different moments in Meryl's workout routine, from sit-ups to one-handed push-ups. If you do it enough times, she'll begin doing her workout in her underwear. Although frankly, this one is more like tepid coffee, since seeing a woman's legs isn't the most provocative event in video game history.

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